Analysis of Errors Made by a Sample of Omani Students in Translating English News Headlines into Arabic


  • Omar Jabak University of Bashakshehir, Syrian Arab Republic



Analysis of Errors, Arabic Translation, Media Translation, News Headlines, Omani Students


The present study aimed at analyzing the errors made by a sample of Omani undergraduate students in translating English news headlines into Arabic. The study employed one data collection tool which was a short translation test which included 15 English news headlines. The test was administered to 45 third-year students at the Department of Foreign Languages at University of Nizwa in the second semester of the academic year 2022. The examination of the data showed that the errors made by the students were mainly lexical and syntactic, abbreviations, cities and proper adjectives. The rationale for such errors was that the students were unfamiliar with journalistic vocabulary, syntax, abbreviations and transliteration of English cities and proper adjectives. As these errors proved to be serious, the researcher suggested carrying out some large-scale studies to confirm the findings of the study, challenge them or shed more light on other aspects of the topic of the present study.


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